About us


SLANKA DELI DIET is a class of its own, the first VLCD product (VERY LOW CALORY DIET) on the market, without aspartame, gluten and soy flour. Provides effective weight loss, a varied range in nut-free production, plus a lactose-free series. The superiorly delicious taste is the crown of the work.

Slanka Deli Diet is made in Sweden from the finest ingredients. Slanka is an aid that ensures that you lose weight, keep your new weight, keep in shape, satiate your hunger, break your old bad habits.

We are Slanka – an independent VLCD brand with many years of experience in weight and health issues.

When we started Slanka in 2011, we entered a market dominated by large financial corporations, supported by big funds to bring their products to the supermarket chains.

We had our own vision. With our experience of people’s personal weight challenges, we knew what works and what doesn’t. Today, we have a product range that shows off quality, even in a market that has long been dominated by protein powder, dietery supplements and exercise products – all financed by international companies and media resources.

Slanka Deli Diet is manufactured with the highest quality assurance for food. Certification according to FSSC22000 and BRC Global standard A-class.

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