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How Slanka Works

Slanka Maxi – lose weight fast

You only eat three slimming meals a day, shakes, soups or pudding, giving you all the nutrition you need. Nothing else. You do not eat between meals. Drink approximately 3 litres of water a day. Fat burning commences after approximately four days, making you feel less hungry. You quickly get a mental kick and energy that motivates you to continue. You should be fully healthy. Slanka should not be used as the only source of nutrition for a longer period than three weeks at a time without consulting your Slanka coach or your doctor. Remember to exercise. Low-intensity training is best with Slanka Maxi.

Slanka Combo – Peaceful and safe weight loss

You can either start straight away with Slanka Kombi or drop down from Slanka Maxi. Even here you eat three slimming meals as a base food and add a smaller meal each day according to the plate model. Otherwise, you will not get maximum fat burning. If you prefer, you can replace a shake or soup with a snack. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Continue with Slanka Kombi until you reach your desired weight and remember your daily exercise. Once you have reached your desired weight, switch to Slanka Balance.

Slanka Balance – How to Keep Your Desired Weight

Now it’s about maintaining your desired weight in the long term – basically the rest of your life. You can not go back to your old eating habits. Here you eat five to ten slimming meals plus regular meals a week. Remember to drink 1.5-2 litres of water and ensure you remain physically active every day.

Slanka 5:2

You eat as usual for five days and eat Slankas shakes, soups, pudding for two optional days during the same week.

Get started quickly!


Set goals

Set a clear goal, for example, “For Christmas, I have achieved my target weight of … .kg”

Choose weight program

You decide on the pace of your weight loss yourself. You choose weight programs – the fast way Slanka Maxi or the slightly slower Slanka Kombi. Your new weight will then be maintained with Slanka Balans.

It should taste good !

Slanka is found in tasty milkshakes and soups. Daily needs are only three slimming portions, about 170 calories per meal.

Download Slankas App

Slankas App helps you both lose a few kilos and maintain your weight. Slankas App contains many great features for you with iPhone or Android. Completely free of charge and without any subscription requirements.




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