Swedish low-calorie diet that tastes good

Slanka low-calorie diet is not only suitable for you using our weight programs, but EVERYONE who wants to eat nutritious fast food to stay in shape. Easily cooked in 2 minutes and good for your wallet!

How many packages do I need?

For those of you who go to Maxi or Kombi, our small, smart 6-pack not only means that you can easily vary flavors so as not to get tired, but also that you have meals for an extra day *. * Varies depending on the number of weeks, eg if you order for a week, the meals will last 8 days (= 24 meals) instead of 7.


Few calories but full of nutrition!

Make a smart food choice and lose weight without being hungry. Slim’s low calorie diet makes it easy to lose weight and keep the weight off. Choose from good shakes and soups to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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