Lose weight. Easy. Good taste. Effective. Slanka Deli Diet

Slanka gives you the entire daily intake of complete nutrition, including vitamins and minerals!


Slanka Diet Plans

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Slanka Maxi

You eat only Slanka VLCD – giving you all the nutrition you need.
Fat burning commences after approximately four days, making you feel less hungry. You will quickly get a mental kick and energy that motivates you to continue. You should be fully healthy to choose Slanka Maxi. Remember to exercise. Low-intensity training is best with Slanka Maxi.




Slanka 800

Slanka 800 is an alternative to Slanka Maxi for those who want to lose weight quickly and at the same time feel satiated. The diet is based on “the fast 800” created by Dr. Michael Mosley.

Slanka 800 allows you to eat a daily intake of 3 Slanka meals a day + adding a smaller meal approx. 300 calories. If you’d rather add your 300 calories in your Slanka soup or shake, that’s fine.

You follow the diet for a minimum of 2 weeks, though you can continue for up to 12 weeks. Once you have reached your target weight, switch to Slanka Balance.



Slanka 5:2

Slanka 5:2 (based on Dr Mosely’s 5:2-diet) involves restricting calories on two fasting days per week. On these days, you eat strictly your daily ration of Slanka shakes and soup. The rest of the week you eat your usual healthy diet.

The 2 days must not be next to each other but 1-2 days apart. You can move the 2 days from week to week. A good tip is to choose Monday and Thursday in order to be able to eat regular food at the weekend. The important thing is that it fits into your everyday rhythm.


Slanka Balance

Slanka Balance is about maintaining your new weight in the long term, for the rest of your life.
Replace five to ten regular meals with Slanka a week.
Remember – you should never go back to your old eating habits.


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