Lose weight. Easy. Good taste. Effective. Slanka Deli Diet

Slanka gives you the entire daily intake of complete nutrition, including vitamins and minerals!


Slanka Diet Plans

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Slanka Maxi

You eat only Slanka VLCD – giving you all the nutrition you need.
Fat burning commences after approximately four days, making you feel less hungry. You will quickly get a mental kick and energy that motivates you to continue. You should be fully healthy to choose Slanka Maxi. Remember to exercise. Low-intensity training is best with Slanka Maxi.


Slanka Combo

You can either start straight away with Slanka Combo or with Slanka Maxi, and then step down to Slanka Combo.
Here you also have the daily intake of Slanka meals a day, whilst adding a smaller meal each day as well.
Otherwise, you will not get the maximum fat burning.
If you prefer, you can replace a Slanka VLCD with a Slanka bar.
Continue with Slanka Combo until you reach your target weight and remember your daily exercise.
Once you have reached your target weight, switch to Slanka Balance.


Slanka Balance

Slanka Balance is about maintaining your new weight in the long term, for the rest of your life.
Replace five to ten regular meals with Slanka a week.
Remember – you should never go back to your old eating habits.

Slanka 5:2

You eat as usual for five days.
For two optional days during the same week, you eat Slanka shakes, soups and puddings. 


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